Friday, 12 June 2015

Kwik Fli IV

This looks like the next Classic Aerobatic model I will be building.

This model is broadly a standard Kwik Fli III but with a tapered wing. The root chord has been increased to 12" and thickened to 20%, tapering symmetrically to 9" at the wing tip and with a slightly thinner wing section.

It's a much nicer looking aeroplane as a result.

It will need a few mods. One thing I am going to try will be detachable fixed undercarriage legs (if that makes sense), to ease storage requirements and hopefully make transport easier.

The original article was published in RCM&E in 1969 and is downloadable from the UKCAA resources section. The Kwik Fli III plan is also available here.

Power will be the OS70FS which is now free after the Groovy crashed following an aileron linkage failure..

 A few changes will be required. The engine is quite long which means that the firewall will need to be moved back by about 10mm. The tank also needs to go back which means a hole on the former just in front of the wing. Nothing too onerous.

 Formers cut and ready to go

Fuselage sides are laminated and extended from 1/8" sheet. I use these batteries to keep everything flat while the glue dries. Highly recommended

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