Friday, 23 October 2015

Glass Slipper (4)

The fuselage close to completion

Getting the last few planks in was quite tricky, just lots of patience required.

The canopy was acquired from Vortex Vacforms - CN39 Glider canopy - and extensively cut down to size. I am really pleased how well it fits and importantly how the fuselage lines have been maintained. Rather better than I could have hoped for.

The fin and tailplane came next.

The fin is a thick sheet balsa outline with a support for the tailplane

All very straightforward and all using very soft/lightweight wood.

It was simply glued into place checking for vertical - using the joiner tube as a datum in this case.

The area between the fin and the rear fuselage is simply blocked in using light 12mm sheet balsa.

Finally, the tailplane was added - laminated from 2 sheets of 3/16" balsa to get the desired thickness

Extensively carved, planed and sanded before it gets glued into place

Now with the rear block carved and sanded, it's hopefully getting its elegance back again

The tailplane is sandwiched between 2 x 12mm blocks and then sheeted in - not forgetting to fit the elevator and rudder push-rods first!

Like this

Which completes the fuselage assembly and we can start on the wing

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