Monday, 9 May 2016

Sloping Off - a wonderful afternoon flying

It started with the customary email from Ian Jones. Weather forecast nice with a decent breeze from the East. My opportunity to try out slope soaring on Bosley Minn, a N-S ridge at the western edge of the peak district.

The weather was superb, bright sunshine with a 20-30kt Easterly wind.

I arrived first and helped the farmer fit a new gate - always a good sign if the landowner is friendly.  Ian arrived about 10 minutes later with a few slope slopers and we assembled and headed onto the field about 100 yards away

Ian went first

After a few moments of trepidation I flew my own design Glass Slipper - Ian now on the camera and then me back on the camera while Ian had a fly of her.

After a long and fun flight or three, I decided to try the Bubble Dancer on the Slope. By now, the wind had started to drop although it was still quite  gusty, so waiting for a lull and the model went up vertically by about 20 feet and with a little down elevator I manager to get her away from the slope.

Unfortunately the glider was over elevated for some reason and due to the amount of lift was a nightmare to try and land. However, I did get her down in one piece and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

Great Fun.

Another couple of flights with the Glass Slipper and I was away home at 1630. Absolutely wonderful afternoon :)