Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Glass Slipper - New Aerobatic Slope Soarer

The idea is to get the appearance of a moulded machine but using traditional balsa/spruce construction and lots of planking in the fuselage. Wing section is NACA63010-Mod - with max thickness at 35% - hopefully help keep the airflow laminar and 10% is about the thinnest that I can get using wooden spars. Wing is set at +1.5, Tail is 0, the tail should be in the wing downwash when inverted thus removing the need for excessive down elevator. I haven't calculated the CG position yet but I expect it will be about 28% MAC

Wing planform is a double ellipse with the foci located on an extended trailing edge spar - the only straight longitudinal component in the wing. It will be a challenge to get that laminated main spar built. Wing Span is just over 2m. Model will have flaps (2 inner bays) and hybrid full length ailerons - a 4 servo wing.

I have called it Glass Slipper as it seems appropriate - lots of puns if you think about it.

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