Thursday, 8 September 2016

White Rabbit - F5J

This is my first attempt at a full function Thermal Soaring Glider designed for F5J (Electric Powered) FAI class.

I have used Sailplane Calc extensively with this model, Profili for the wing design and Draftsight to pull it all together. There is no rush, this is going to be a winter build and I have the Mad Hatter F3-RES to build first.

So v2 is here - still some tweaking to do but its a starter for 10.

Some salient details based on a target AUW of 1500g (whether that target is achievable is debatable - I have a feeling that 1800g AUW will be a more realistic target).

Total Span 3770.00mm
Total Area 84.60dm2
Wing Loading 17.73gr/dm2
Mean Chord (area/span) 227.42mm
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (length) 231.32mm
Wing Aspect Ratio 16.36

Effective Wing Results (Projected)
Total Span 3734.31mm
Total Area 83.95dm2
Mean Chord (area/span) 227.86mm
Wing Loading 17.87gr/dm2
Aspect Ratio 16.17

Wing section is an RG-15 and tail HT-21


Flaps on the inner panel and ailerons on the middle panels. How these get engineered I have yet to decide.

Wing will be constructed with C/F caps over solid balsa web/spars. I am also going to use a strip C/F TE as well. The LE D box will (possibly) be skinned with 0.2mm proskin (Jury is still out on this) and C/F cap strips over the wing ribs.

6 panel polyhedral wing. My very limited experience with Aileron Thermal Soarer Glider wings is that the models seem to use Ailerons for roll control rather than steering, but then again that could be the wings that I saw. EDA is therefore at the bottom end of Mark Drelas design guide at 6.13 degrees

Sailplane Calc threw out these numbers:

More to come...

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