Thursday, 14 May 2015

NW Strut - Kenyon Hall Farm

This event is organised by our SCRCS club chairman, Martyn Coles for modellers to attend a nice BBQ and put on an informal evening flying show for members of the Lancashire Aero Club. We are always made very welcome and last night - mainly because the weather was superb, there was a good turn out of models and full size pilots.

 I took along the Gangster, STOL, Flea Fli and Curare. Very nice relaxed evenings flying here. I had a few flights with the Gangster trying out different prop combinations, for some reason its vertical performance isn't as sparkling as it used to be although the engine is certainly still pulling like a train. (12,300rpm on a 11x6 prop - that isn't bad for SC46 on a pipe).

This scale Bell 47 Helicopter was a work of art and flown very realistically

Martyn Coles took some photos and  they have been shared here..

Martyn Coles trying to get his buddy system to work

I used the STOL as a trainer and explained how the system worked to Tim - who was my pupil for the evening. His experience was marred because the ailerons on the Buddy transmitter were reversed - made for an entertaining and at times heart stopping experience.

Starting the OS26FS. The engine is mounted inverted - if it doesn't start straight away it floods quite easily necessitating attempting to start the engine with the model on the side to allow the surplus fuel to drain through the exhaust.

Walking out for the first flight. Tim is attached using the buddy lead umbilical

A better shot of the Bell

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