Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Glass Slipper (2)

This is another moment of madness - a parallel build while the Kwik Fli is in progress

Again, this is documented more thoroughly on Model Flying Forum

This is my own design very curvy Slope Soarer - designed to look like a moulded model but using very traditional construction methods - and lots of planking..

The jig was described in an earlier post, so now I have started the construction. The parts were supplied by Lasercraft Services in Cumbria from DXF files that I produced using DevFus and DraftSight.

Broadly, there is a horizontal crutch with each side made from 3 laminations of 1/8 sq spruce. The crutch sits in the jig which holds it straight while the formers are added (10 off)

This photo shows a better arrangement. The backbone also comprises of 3 laminations of 1/8 sq spruce

And when the glue is dry, you can start planking. At the top (and bottom) where the fuselage curves quite a lot in cross section the planks will be quite narrow - I have cut 1/8 square balsa then bevelled one edge - always keep the second edge square and bevel the next strip to fit.

It's a very slow process as you need the glue to dry on the previous piece before you start the next. I use PVA - but as its summer and quite warm its only taking about 30 minutes before the next piece can be fitted - still quite slow - but very therapeutic

This is a shot from the end after 4 planks have been fitted. it looks horrendous but the step is actually less than 1/32" and that is the sharpest of the curves I have to get the planks to fit round. It will easily sand smooth

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